My review – 02/2018

Submitted By Frank In TX on 02/26/2018

“I waited 2 years to finally fix this mess and when I did I contacted to do it right. After about a month they made real progress and gave me a new hope for obtaining some justice. As much as I’d like to sue the socks off ripoff report I can still sleep peacefully having it removed. I know that I got the best of them and they cannot pop their ugly head into my life ever again. Thanks DIG!”

We Need Your Help – 09/2017

Submitted By Richard and Lori on 09/13/2017

“My wife and I have a similar situation and I pray that the folks at can help us. Still waiting on them to review our situation and see if our report can be removed. We have an idea of who did it but we can’t prove it. I can’t believe these websites like extort businesses and people that don’t know about this removal loophole.”

Digital Identity Group Works – 1/2017

Submitted By Trudy on 1/08/2017

“Digital Identity group is helping me with my case and so far so good. We got the court to side with us and give us the order a lot faster than expected! Now just waiting on Google to remove the content which should be within the next 48 hours. I promised to give them a review and I said I would. They are very professional and they will get it done exactly as they describe. Don’t let Ed at ripoff report get away with it!”

DigitalIdentityGroup Reviews – 3/2016

Submitted By William H. 03/18/2016

“Ripoff Report is a scam! I have two reviews posted on me and my business that are totally false. Not a word of truth. This person have never been a customer that we know of, and they even say we are located in Florida when in fact we have been doing business in Utah for over 15 years! I have read online that your firm has had a lot of success removing these reviews so lets hope so because this one cannot stay up there or else it will drive away customers.”

Digital Identity Group Review:

Since 2012, Digital Identity Group  has helped remove over 1500 reports from web results. That means over 1500 of false, misleading, and damaging pieces of information have been purged from Google and other search engines.

Each case that the Digital Identity Group reviews is unique and complex. Most of the reports are older, sometimes years old. Each case requires attention to details and an understanding of the bigger picture.

The team at Digit Identity Group is composed of reputation experts who are passionate about helping individuals and businesses protect their good name. They use a streamlined legal process to remove false and damaging content from the internet.

“Everyone has the right not to be ruined by false information posted online.”   — Mark C., Co-Founder of the Digital Identity Group

Ripoff Report can damage your personal reputation and your business. Many small business owners report losing thousands of dollars worth of business. Medium sized businesses can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions due to a damaging report. If your content shows on the first page of Google search results then the loss can be even greater if not treated right away. helps people remove the damaging content from Google search results instead of burying the content or bartering with the review websites that post it. Removing the content is possible even if you do not know the author of the report.

If you suffer from a false or damaging Ripoff Report then you don’t have to feel helpless. There are new options available to you under the law.  Complete removal of the damaging content is possible with the help of a firm like the Digital Identity Group.

Removing a Ripoff Report using Digital Identity Group takes an average of 45 days to complete. The success rate for removal is near 100%. Over 1500+ reports have been removed using their proven system.

The Digital Identity Group reviews new cases each week. All matters are kept confidential and the removal process is very discreet. If you need help with removing a report then don’t hesitate to contact the Digital Identity Group.

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